What is new or different in SNOBOL5 from the Green Book SNOBOL4

New and improved functions:



Some of the things still to do:

I have finished writing a SNOBOL5 version of the old Personal Editor 2 that came from the original IBM PC days and worked on systems up to Windows XP. My new version is not limited to 255 byte lines, handles large files, and is as compatible as I can make it with the original. I am using pdcurses.org for writing the text window. In Linux, I use ncurses. Some nice features are being able to simultaneously view different parts of a file or parts of several files. Another, I use frequently, is a graphical display of parenthesis nesting on a line, which is useful for catching stupid errors. The editor is highly configurable, with the ability to reprogram what all of the keys do. There are commands to let you search and change using SNOBOL5 patterns. I have made the Windows and Linux versions along with documentation available here: Personal Editor 3.